Lifetime Retainers

The day your braces come off or you finish your last Invisalign tray is a day to remember. Your new smile is finally ready for prime
time and it’s such a great feeling. Wearing a retainer is one of the best ways to insure that your teeth stay in their proper position and your new smile stays put. That’s why say, “Retention is for life!” And it’s why we offer a program called Lifetime Retainers. Here’s how it works:

lifetime-retainerWhen your treatment is complete, you’ll receive a clear, Invisalign-like retainer to wear at night. If you ever lose your retainers or they get worn out (which happens over time), we will make new ones for you at no charge.

We will make up to three sets of Invisalign-like retainers per year off of your current occlusion (the way your bite fits at the end of treatment) at no charge. If you need a fourth set within a calendar year, there will be a nominal charge. If you have any dental work done that makes it so the current retainers don’t fit properly, we will make new retainers at no charge (and these won’t count as one of your three sets per year.) Bonded, lingual retainers (designed to keep your front teeth in place) are covered for one year. After that, any replacement, rebonding, or modification to bonded retainers will have an associated fee.

We will even offer one free clear, Invisalign-like retainer to non-patients who were treated elsewhere. Since they were not a patient of ours and Lifetime Retainers was not included in their treatment, like it is for our patients, there will be a fee to become a “member” of the program. If you’re new to the area, were treated elsewhere, and would like to find out more, call or contact the office and ask about Lifetime Retainers.